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Nous sommes l’eau

Wally Lamb

Toute sa vie, Annie Oh a été terrifiée. Terrifiée à l’idée de tomber amoureuse ; de se dévoiler à Orion, son ex-mari psychologue; de ne pas être une bonne mère pour ses trois enfants ; de ne pas savoir soulager les colères de son fils, les angoisses de ses filles ; d’affronter le souvenir des drames qui ont dévasté son enfance.
Cette terreur, Annie a tenté de l’évacuer dans ses sculptures, ses tableaux chargés de rage.
Alors qu’elle s’apprête à se remarier avec Viveca, une galeriste new-yorkaise qui l’a rendue célèbre, la peur la saisit de nouveau. Comment avouer à celle qu’elle aime les raisons qui l’empêchent de célébrer leurs noces à Three Rivers? Comment lui révéler ce qui s’est passé dans cette ville, un soir de 1963 ?
Chaque jour qui sépare Annie et les siens du mariage les rapproche de vérités terribles, indicibles, qu’ils devront faire éclater pour tenter de renaître, enfin. with compliments

English Translation:
All her life, Annie Oh was terrified. Terrified at the thought of falling in love; To reveal herself to Orion, her ex-husband psychologist; Not to be a good mother for her three children; Of not being able to relieve the anger of his son, the anguish of his daughters; To face the memory of the dramas that devastated his childhood.
This terror, Annie tried to evacuate her in her sculptures, her paintings loaded with rage.
As she prepares to remarry with Viveca, a New York gallerist who made her famous, fear seizes her again. How can she confess to the one she loves the reasons that prevent her from celebrating their wedding at Three Rivers? How to reveal to him what happened in that city, one evening in 1963?
Every day that separates Annie and her family from marriage brings them closer to terrible, unspeakable truths, which they will have to explode in order to attempt to be reborn at last. With compliments


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The Red House

 Emily Winslow

Maxwell is living his worst nightmare when he begins to question whether his fiancée, Imogen, is his own blood sister, separated by adoption. A visit to Imogen’s birthplace in Cambridge stirs up déjà vu that intensifies his fears.

While Detective Chief Inspector Morris Keene languishes at home, struggling with a debilitating injury and post-traumatic stress, his former partner, Detective Inspector Chloe Frohmann, is following a suicide case in which Morris’ daughter Dora is suspected of assisting the death. When buried skeletons are discovered next to an old barn, the suicide is linked back to Imogen’s childhood, revealing horrors of the past and new dangers in the present.


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Last Seen: Lucy Clarke

In a small seaside community, there’s always somebody watching…

Twisty, pacy, and superbly plotted, Last Seen is the perfect psychological page-turner for fans of Clare Mackintosh and Sabine Durrant.

Seven years ago, two boys went missing at sea and only one was brought to shore. The Sandbank, a remote stretch of coast dotted with beach huts, was scarred forever.

Sarah’s son survived, but on the anniversary of the accident, he disappears without trace. As new secrets begin to surface, The Sandbank hums with tension and unanswered questions. Sarah’s search grows more desperate and she starts to mistrust everyone she knows and she’s right to.

Someone saw everything on that fateful day seven years ago. And they’ll do anything to keep the truth buried.