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UBOJICA BEZ LICA:  “A faceless killer” Henning Mankell crime novel in Croatian.

Swedish author Henning Mankell crime novel.

On an early cold January morning investigator Kurt Wallander invited to a secluded country estate in which someone is in terrible way, an old married couple has been attacked and robbed. When the ambulance arrived at the scene, the Old man was already dead. At the hospital  his wife is subject to severe injuries. But just before her death is once returned to the question of consciousness and present officers of criminal police of the perpetrator manages to utter only words that could be crucial to the investigation. Wallander knows that this important information in no case should it go public. But despite the high level of secrecy last words the old woman inexplicably still leaked to the public. Police soon gets the first anonymous telephone threats to catch the perpetrators before residents take matters into their own hands. When that starts to happen, and Wallander and his colleagues feel increasing pressure.