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La verità sul caso Rudolf Abel (Italian Edition)

Recently saw the film “Bridge of Spies” with Tom Hanks,  who in the film arranges the exchange of convicted spy Rudolf Abel for Francis Gary Powers …

Rudolf Ivanovich Abel was a colonel in the KGB, the Soviet secret service, the agent “resident” who for nine years had led the Soviet espionage network in North America, from his painter’s studio in Brooklyn. He was captured in June 1957, after being betrayed by a subordinate. The FBI had discovered a complete equipment for espionage in the hotel room in Manhattan where he had raided and his painter’s studio in Brooklyn. There were shortwave radio with the time for receiving messages; hollow bolts, twins from wrists, tie clips and other containers to hide secret messages; cipher, coded messages and microfilm equipment; and cards, all marked, the most important areas for the military defense of the United States. The FBI had then accused of “conspiracy to commit espionage and military atomic”, a crime punishable by death, recalls Donovan.zgIPlbD-1